Excellence in Services

We are leaders in providing recycling services with a set of cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced and renowned professionals. Here is some services that we specialise.

Asset Tracking

The purpose of our asset tracking process is to ensure that we are maximising the benefit to the environment. As part of the tracking process, we record and identify every piece of equipment that comes into our plant.
For those clients who require extra evidence for their corporate social responsibility, we can provide a detailed report to prove just what happens to their assets once they have left their care.

IT Equipment Recycling

Our Computer recycling process is 100% eco-friendly and adheres to WEEE directives for recycling and disposal of IT Equipment. Our IT equipment disposal service is easy and hassle free by offering you complete traceability of assets, security of data and documented proof for legal compliance.

IT Equipment Disposal

We offer efficient and cost effective IT disposal services. Your surplus computers and other IT equipment’s will not be a problem for you anymore. With our fleet of vehicles, we provide a collection and disposal service of IT equipment including old phone systems, photocopiers and much more.

Office Equipment Recycling

We can take care of all your office equipment recycling needs with 100% guarantee on data security!
Our recycling centre operate in full accordance with the WEEE directive. Our qualified and experienced office equipment recycling team collects computers and other IT equipment causing minimal disruption to your work force.

Secure Data Destruction

We guarantee the complete destruction of data by either wiping the hard drive with a specialist piece of software which eradicates the data or by shredding the hard drive through a commercial shredding machine making sure it comes out in chunks of 1cm or less.