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Every business creates Electronic Waste. Every computer retains sensitive, critical proprietary information. Where waste and security are potential problems for your business, we provide the perfect solution.

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Techmatic was founded in 1993 and are specialists in Electronic & Computer Equipment Recycling. We have the dedicated knowledge, experience equipment and staff to provide exceptional services in confidential waste management, storage & destruction.
Every business creates Electronic Waste! Every computer retains sensitive, critical proprietary information! Where waste and security are potential problems for your business, Techmatic Recycling Services provide the solution!.
Our primary focus is on providing the optimum waste management solution for our Clients though the application of best practice systems. So whether it is Secure Destruction of Data Tapes, Hard Drives or other Electronic Media or Confidential Storage of associated equipment and data, Techmatic will customise the appropriate solution to best meet Client needs.

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Excellence in Services

Techmatic Recycling Services encourages companies to take a proactive approach to material disposition for returned material from every perspective, including: regulatory, environmental and the benefits of harvesting good products for re-use.

Asset Tracking

The purpose of our asset tracking process is to ensure that we are maximising the benefit to the environment.

IT Equipment Recycling

We are experts at IT equipment recycling for businesses. Our Computer recycling process is 100% eco-friendly and adheres to WEEE directives ...

IT Equipment Disposal

We offer efficient and cost effective IT disposal services. Your surplus computers and other IT equipment's will not be a problem for you anymore ...

Secure Data Wipe

An advanced security tool which completely removes all sensitive data from your hard drive ...

Office Equipment Recycling

Techmatic Recycling can take care of all your office equipment recycling needs with 100% guarantee on data security!
Our recycling centre operate in full accordance with the WEEE directives. . Our qualified and experienced office equipment recycling team ...